A complete guide to Android app development

Developing an android app is easy, however the market is highly competitive. About

Developing an android app is easy, however the market is highly competitive. About millions of android apps are getting released in Google Play Store on a daily basis, each different from the others and with more features and advanced functionalities.

Unlike iOS, Android is a completely open-source mobile operating system, and is also very flexible. Many companies rely on android based apps and so many developers choose to build an android app as compared to an iOS app.

If you are new to android app development then you came to the right place. So sit back and relax and read through the entire guide to an android development app.

Come up with your unique idea:

To build an app,first you need a concept. As an entrepreneur/developer you might already have tons of ideas as to what you will create for your users. But make sure you are giving importance to certain factors, like:

  • Who am I making this app for?
  • What is the purpose of the app?
  • What benefits will it provide?
  • What features are absolutely necessary and what features do you want to have ?

You need to make sure you consider all these factors before developing an app. You need to meet with all the demands of the users and give the best quality apps and keep them happy.

Do a thorough market research:

A market research is absolutely necessary if you are a beginner. You will be completely lost in a big android market of android if you do not know who are your competitors and what features and functionality your app should have and some existing app already has.

Make a complete list of all the android apps launched in the market and read carefully what features it provides, what are the areas it is lacking in, how is UI/UX, how are users reacting to it and what reviews they’re giving, when was the last time that app was updated.

Most developers choose to update an existing app, i.e, they choose to create a better version of an already existing app.

Build the app:

  • Learn coding:

You can learn how to code if you want to build the app from scratch. There are many coding languages used in android app development such as Java, Kotlin, and C++, among others.

Learning how to code and then developing an app gives to complete independence to make changes whenever you think it is needed and you get to maintain and update the app as per your requirements and the demands of the users, and you can do all of this in cheaper cost

It is important that you have a thorough knowledge about the tools that will help you understand coding better. There are tools like Android Studio, Native Development Kit, Unity 3D, BlockCanary, among others.

  • Hire a freelancer/ app development company:

You can also hire an android development company to build the app for you. One perk you will get by hiring an expert is that they take full responsibility to build the app for you and maintain it after it is launched, even if it might exceed your budget.

  • Use app builder:

You can use an app builder if you have no coding experiences. Some of the recommended app builders consist of Appy Pie, GoodBarber, AppMachine, among others.

Build a simple UI:

Build a simple UI with less complexity and with proper theme, layout, icons and buttons. Make screens as per the requirements and make sure the user is satisfied and happy while engaging with the app.

Submit your app:

Publish your app in the Google Play Store. Many app developers submit their app in Google Play console, where you have a one time fee, and upload your app for free. Fill out all your details when creating an account and it will take about 48 hours to get approval.


After you have launched your app, focus on maintaining the app, updating it frequently to keep your users happy and satisfied. You can maintain the app on your own but you might miss out on any technical process involved so it is recommended that you hire a professional to maintain the app. In case you have already hired a professional team, they might provide the services and will even take up the responsibility to promote it, after it is launched.

Android apps can be supported in any mobile devices or tablets and computers. So make sure you make such an app that is supported in all devices. This is why android apps have much bigger scope in the market, even if it is highly competitive in nature.

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