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Our world has been swept off its feet by smartphones with advanced technologies

Our world has been swept off its feet by smartphones with advanced technologies. Everyone is hooked on their phones, whether it be online shopping, reading news, watching football or exploring their social media profiles. 

You cannot find one single person who isn’t on their phone these days. And that is why, as an entrepreneur, you should consider turning your business website into an app. 

Now you may ask why do I need an app? Or how to actually convert my website into an app? 

Well, I’ll explain both the cases in this content and guide you step by step so you have a better understanding about your target audience. 

So grab your cup of coffee and put your game face on.


  1. Easy to Access:

People in general prefer access to apps more than websites. 

The user can install the app and use it whenever they need and they don’t have to go through the trouble of searching or face the problem of server down. App is an easy and direct route to your business. Easy access to the app enhances the user experience.

For instance, if I’m online shopping, I would prefer to have an app and not just a website. Why? It is simply because I can see more about the product, I can add products in cart/bag and more importantly, when I’m paying for the product, I would likely face lesser problems as compared to a website. I can always easily access the app to see all the transaction details and I don’t have to go through all the trouble of logging in, again and again.

2. Push Notifications:


One thing that you would want to have is the ability to send push notifications to your users. And a mobile app gives you that service. You can easily notify your users and customers about discounts and offers, inform them about the launch of any new product, or about any new features of your app. 

Customers are likely to get attracted more if they know what exactly your business has to offer them and how they will benefit from them. So through an app they can get notifications from time to time and this will keep your customers happy.

3. Additional features:

You can add more features in a mobile app as compared to a web browser. You can add features like GPS navigation, camera access among many others. You can keep on updating the features as per your liking, which will attract more customers.

4. Increase your Profit:

Once you get an app version of your business, you can monetize the app as per your liking and profit. You can monetize the apps through in-app purchases, in-app advertisements, eCommerce, subscriptions, partnership, etc. 


1. Learn Coding:

By learning coding, you are building your app yourself from scratch. The features of the app are in your hands and you can always change and upgrade as per your convenience and wishes. It is also less costly than hiring a development team.

2. Hire a Freelancer:

You can always hire a freelancer if your budget is low. They will also provide you with satisfactory results considering their experience in this field.

But if you want to build a complex app, they might not be able to provide necessary services. Also they might take up the responsibility to promote or maintain your app. You need to hire someone else to maintain your app and promote it in the market. 

3. Hire a Development Team:

Hiring a development team will make your job of building the app more convenient. A development team has much more experience in this field and that’s why they will give the best services and top-notch quality of products. 

You would not even have to sweat and constantly update your app as the development team you will hire will take care of everything, from building the app, to testing, marketing and maintaining it. 

Read to learn more about how to choose your ideal development team.

4. Use App Builders:

You can build your own app without resorting to coding or hiring a development team, just by using an app builder platform. 

You can simply use templates provided by the platform, and make changes according to your preference. 

There are many app builder platforms like Appy Pie, GoodBarber, BuildFire, etc.


Now we know that having an app is profitable when it comes to doing business. But before you start building an app, you need to consider several aspects like market structure, how to create prototypes, how to form perfect UI/UX designs, development cost and market strategy. For more information and details,read  Here.

Maintaining the app is also an important aspect with constant upgrades. Building an app is obviously difficult, and takes time. But it does provide satisfactory results if it keeps your customers/users happy. Converting your website to app will also rank higher in Search Engines like Google, which will attract more customers. 


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