5 Application development phases you should keep in mind as a start-up

It is rather convenient to get all the trendy features that you desire in one single software. So why not make an app for that to help to achieve your goals as a programer or a businessman and meet the needs of your customers.

It is rather convenient to get all the trendy features that you desire in one single software. So why not make an app for that to help to achieve your goals as a programer or a businessman and meet the needs of your customers. From editing pictures to online payment, your mobiles, ipad or PC should have it all so that you keep up with that competitive and trendy world. For a start-up you need to know certain things regarding what app development actually is and the processes it has to go through. For creating an app, it may take years to get that complete, outstanding result and the budget might even exceed higher than what you expected. So you need to have a firm and thorough knowledge about what you are getting yourself into. 


Application Development is a process by which an application is created by computer programming to perform certain established functions that a particular business requires. It is the process of building, designing, implementing and debugging a particular software application. It is created by a large group of programers in massive and established organizations, or even done by a single freelance programer. An application is created on the basis of the customer or client’s requirements, studying the market, the utility it will provide within a consistent budget and deadline.

5 Phases of Application Development:

While creating a particular app you need to know the basics as to how you will create a particular app in order to get that satisfying result by meeting the demands of your customers. Like said before, an app requires years to make and costs a fortune as well, but if you know how to do it properly and with adequate resources, you might be able to finish it within your budget. I will take you down to the basics of the 5 stages or phases that you need to go through for creating your app:

Phase 1: Ideas, and Definition and Analyzation:

First you need to know the purpose and vision your app should have, and then how it will function and what features it will contain. Once you understand the purpose of your app, you should know who your target audience is and what the market structure is. This means you need to analyze and understand who your competitors are in the market and what would be the easiest way for you to create such an app that will meet all demands.

Once you understand the core appeal of your app and the market structure, you can find yourself an organization who would help you build the entire app, or if you are your own man, then you can list out the requirements your app needs and the features. Then the organization will provide you with an app development manager who would help you analyze the requirements, providing you with a project plan. They might even ask you certain questions regarding the app which might even lead you to want some additional features. This will help you validate the cost of creating the app and the time it will take. The development app manager might even provide you with a total project plan where all the costs of every resource allocated are described so that you can know where all your investments are made.

Phase 2: Design:

Next stage is, the organization (or you) will create a prototype of the working version of the app so that the customer knows what it will be like. Obviously you can alter the prototype according to your convenience (you can use the help of RAD). Create a system design, elaborate the design models, UI (User Interface) and take the assistance of use cases to help you create a better design.

Phase 3: Construction and Development: 

Now it’s time for the development of the app. Alter and change your prototype(if required), develop and test your code so that it can be bug-free. You might want to conduct a Customer Acceptance Test to see if you have met all the requirements. Their feedback and demands is exactly what you would like to meet in the first place. They  will judge your app on the basis of its functionality, usability, and the UI design.

Phase 4: Testing, Integration and Deploying the App:

For testing the functionality of your app, deployment maps, test plans and UAT criteria is considered.  Then an integrated software will be created with an acceptance report and deployment plan. Developers will implement the app in the customer’s servers which will follow the sign-off process. Accordingly, the software is created on the criteria of the deployment plan. For testing, User Experience (UX) test will be conducted for a better understanding. You can download or install the app as well to see how it is working.

Phase 5: Release and Reveal:

After a successful testing, release your app and reveal your creation to the world and its features that will improve their daily life. Promote your app through advertisements and campaigns. Plan a beta release and get feedback from the users to understand their ability to cope with the app and problems they are facing to update it from time to time.

Last Talk of the Show

You need to be very thorough with the process of creating an app and many times it happens your head does not remain in the game causing you to leave it half way. So before creating an app it is better to get a group of people to help you with the process rather than going solo. You also need to keep in mind your customer’s demands and the deadlines you have to reach. 

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