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From proposal documents to conceptualising, designing, developing cross-platform apps and testing the app to updating it whenever required, we take care of the entire app development process. 
Web Apps Developed by Krishworks for clients like Birla group, ISKCON, Al Ghaith a Saudi Arabia company

Our Web Apps Development Services

LMS Web Apps

We make customised LMS web apps for different industries and sectors like e-learning, e-commerce, PoSH compliance courses. Our LMS web apps contain all the features like that of moodle and TalentLMS. Want to create an LMS web app for your company? Contact us to see a demo.

Cross-platform App

Our web app development company makes such applications that can be operated in different platforms like Android and iOS efficiently. We help you to increase your audience by enabling these web functions to work on all devices. 

E-commerce Apps

We develop beautifully structured web-based e-Commerce apps for our clients and their audience to help them have online shopping experience without hassle. We have developed & designed an e-Commerce website & web app for Bagicha (a Birla product) which includes the features of invoice generation, shipping rate implementations, tracking and app & website sync up using cloud.

Custom Web App

Our team of experts have years of experience in developing web apps with a highly engaging UI/UX design for our clients and their users. We build a web app from scratch catering to all your requirements. We provide with full stack web solutions pertaining to MERN, MEAN, Flask, Laravel, etc frameworks, with Cloud Integrations.

Our Developed Apps

Explore Our Web App Portfolio

Custody Protect

Wearable gadgets to monitor the Heart Rate, Accelerations, Magnetometer, Gyro of US prisoners under arrest were developed to prevent custody deaths.


An LMS platform for delivering Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH) trainings to corporate employees, with users such as TATA, SIEMENS, HSBC, Spotify, Intel, Flipkart and 300+ top MNCs.


E-Learning application developed for Jamaican students in delivering online classes on personal development training.


TGL is a job portal like Indeed and Monster for job hunting and recruitment for Jamaican job seekers and employers.

Digital Vidya

LMS for the world’s No.1 Digital Marketing Course provider with 95000+  professionals as learners from 16000+ brands such as Nokia, Google, EBay, Cisco, Reliance.


EnvisionNext is a real-estate CRM to list and sell the properties, with multiple interfaces like builders, channel partners, brokers, and buyers where they can communicate with each other.


Job portal for blue collar jobs developed by our team to make the job hunt easier for industrial workers and recruiters.


An integrated tool for RE2, a Malaysian International School, enables teachers to efficiently manage and track student databases along with attendance, simplifying school processes.

Bagicha, Jayshree Tea

Bagicha by Jayshree Tea is an eCommerce website developed for the Birla group. For the first time, these teas are directly dispatched from gardens to the customers’ doorstep.


StudyGita is a LMS providing online Bhagavad Gita Courses developed for the world famous ISKCON temple, Chennai branch. Has 2lakhs users.


An LMS mobile app and web app that helps students in rural areas to self study English, Science and Maths. Sponsored by Aditya Birla Insulators as part of their CSR project.


Speaklifi is a mobile app like that of duolingo, that helps people across the globe to learn English and improve their communication skills. The app has multi-language support

LMS for Al-Ghaith

The Moodle like LMS, designed and developed by us for Al-Ghaith Energy, a Dubai based company offers compliance courses and courses tracking exclusive to their employees.


An e-commerce on-demand platform developed by us to cater the needs of people in metropolitan cities by giving them the access to organic farm products at reasonable prices and doorstep delivery.


Have Questions?  We’re here to help.

A web application or a web app is an application that is stored on a remote server and not on the local OS of your device. The application is delivered over the internet through a web browser. Eg: Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Twitter etc.

Yes, web apps are less costly compared to mobile app development because mobile apps are platform specific and delivery and deployment of each platform is different. Web apps run on web browsers irrespective of platforms and are comparatively cheaper.

Depends on the kind of app you want to develop and the audience you want to serve. E-commerce, ERPs, CMS and LMS apps are meant for enterprises and are usually web apps.


You may write to us at with your app requirements. Alternately you may fill up the below form and our team will get in touch with you.

I Want A Call back

Depends on the size of the app, the type of app and the features you need in the app. Before we can give you a quote, we get on a call to understand your requirements. Or you may send your app requirements to us at and our team will get back with an appropriate quote.

Yes we can help with converting web apps into android apps or mobile apps. We will sign an NDA and understand your app requirements first.

You may write to us at with your app requirements. Alternately you may fill up the below form and our team will get in touch with you.

I Want A Call back

Yes, web apps work on almost all kinds of devices. Examples of web apps are facebook, twitter, youtube.

Before we start off with development, both the parties involved will need to sign an NDA.

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