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We are Learning Management System or LMS developers who provide custom LMS in the form of LMS web app, LMS android app & iOS apps. We have provided our LMS services to giants like Jayshree Tea, Birla unit & StudyGita, ISKCON Chennai. Need a custom LMS?
We provide you the right Learning Management System! We are the Learning Management System providers of big names like Jayshree Tea, ISKCON Chennai, Serein, Al-Ghaith Energy, a Saudi Arabia Company. We provide and customize LMS according to your budget.

Features Provided In Our LMS

Scheduling Time Based Tests

This is a unique feature not usually found on other LMS in the market. This feature allows to schedule exams for selected candidates, put a timer & navigate to and fro questions. It even allows candidates to upload their answer sheets, if need be.

Different user roles

LMS users can be categorised into Admin, Instructors & Learners based on the type of roles and permission. An example is that only instructors & admins are allowed to create & upload courses. And only Admin is allowed to generate & sign course certificates.

In-app notifications

Whether the learners or users have watched the course videos and taken the assessments. How much of course contents are left, how many certifications are achieved, everyday usage details etc can be viewed by the learners as well.

Progress Tracking Of Learners

This feature enables app notifications to the users when the app is not being used. It can be a course reminder or LMS updates or generic info. 

Dynamic Link Sharing

This feature allows the contents of the app to be shared across whatsapp, facebook groups or other social media platforms. This helps the clients with branding.

Different content types supported

The LMS has a provision of uploading different types of contents like video lessons, Quiz Questions, Clickable PPTs and PDFs.

Gamification elements

The gamification elements like leaderboards, dashboards, user profiling, collectives, streaks, badges etc are essential part of an LMS to keep motivation of users. 

Grouping & Assigning Learners

Many times admins & instructors need to assign different courses to different sets of learners. This feature allows to group learners to assign courses.

Course Certificate Generation

We have automated the herculean task of creating certificates, printing, signing and scanning them. This feature allows to generate certificates for groups of sets of learners & sign & disburse them altogether.

Our Developed Apps

Explore Our Learning Management Web App Portfolio


An LMS platform for delivering Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH) trainings to corporate employees, with users such as TATA, SIEMENS, HSBC, Spotify, Intel, Flipkart and 300+ top MNCs.

LMS for Al-Ghaith

The Moodle like LMS, designed and developed by us for Al-Ghaith Energy, a Dubai based company offers compliance courses and courses tracking exclusive to their employees.


E-Learning application developed for Jamaican students in delivering online classes on personal development training.


An LMS mobile app and web app that helps students in rural areas to self study English, Science and Maths. Sponsored by Aditya Birla Insulators as part of their CSR project.

Digital Vidya

LMS for the world’s No.1 Digital Marketing Course provider with 95000+  professionals as learners from 16000+ brands such as Nokia, Google, EBay, Cisco, Reliance.


An integrated tool for RE2, a Malaysian International School, enables teachers to efficiently manage and track student databases along with attendance, simplifying school processes.


LMS developed for Online coaching centres to provide online quizzes, mock tests and entrance exams preparations semester wise for UnderGraduate students.


Speaklifi is a mobile app like that of duolingo, that helps people across the globe to learn English and improve their communication skills. The app has multi-language support


StudyGita is a LMS providing online Bhagavad Gita Courses developed for the world famous ISKCON temple, Chennai branch. Has 2lakhs users.


An Edtech app, designed to enhance English language skills through games and fun activities, is specifically developed for Arabic speakers.


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An LMS App or a Learning Management System

If you need to build an LMS from scratch, it can cost anywhere from 5 lakhs to 20 lakhs based on the feature requirements. However if you need a subscription, the charges are a lot less.

A learning management system finds its usage in every industry. Many companies utilise LMS for e-learning purposes for their employees.

Yes, we build upon existing apps. However we understand user requirements first.

Yes, all app development consultation is free of cost.

Yes, we have created LMS apps for both android and iOS devices.

You may write to us at with your app requirements. Alternately you may fill up the below form and our team will get in touch with you.

I Want A Call back

Yes, we can develop a Talent LMS or Moodle like LMS to suit your needs.

Till now we have provided customised LMS for e-learning (financial literacy, school management), PoSH compliance courses, eCommerce and fashion industry.

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