About Hopa TechIT

About Hopa TechIT Hopa TechIT provides physical to digital transformation services in the restaurant industries around Israel and also they help businesses with digital transformation.

Vertical/horizontal solution:

Food, Beverage & Restaurants

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Google Cloud Platform

About Krishworks Technology And Research Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Krishworks Technology: 14+ years of experience in custom IoT development, AI & Computer Vision, Bluetooth Apps, Web Apps, Mobile Apps & Deployments.


SaaS based Restaurant management and Food ordering application

Krishworks involved in complete revamp of Hopa’s existing application. We redesigned architecture, database, added an API layer, and changed it from a monolithic to a 3-tier application. It is a running project with continuous feature developments.

“Krishworks Technology has improved the client’s operations and product offerings. Their expertise is evident in transforming the old full-stack app into a more advanced 3-tier system. The team’s positivity and readiness to tackle new challenges are noteworthy.” – Rom Raviv, CSO.

The challenge

Hopa’s legacy application was not built with optimal architecture and lacked many features. Implementing the necessary features was not easy because of cohesive application design, breaking things at many places for implementation changes, and making new feature development very difficult. This impacted their business and user experiences, and prohibited growth and expansion.

The solution

Krishworks leveraged a range of services provided by Google Cloud to build the solution. We utilized identity management, custom claims and role management, cloud databases, storage, app engine, load balancer-based Content delivery network, hosting, notifications, authentications, analytics for performance monitoring, backup and disaster recovery, and other services to deliver the solution.

The result

With the revamped application, Hopa has been able to relaunch their application to their existing and new clients with higher acceptability rates. Various systems have been integrated into Hopa making to a comprehensive one-stop solution for all restaurant needs. Restaurant visitors, owners, and their kitchen staff, everyone find Hopa very easy to increase Hopa’s business and reputation.

Google Cloud Platform


Email Authentication









OTP Authentication

Payment Gateway

Smart Terminals

Restaurant Order Management

Location Tracking

Mobile Responsive

Order Tracking


Cluster Deployments



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