Software Tools or Plugin Development

Plugins are software tools or addons that are added to an existing software to enhance its features. We develop custom plugins for softwares like LMS, ERPs and web apps. Do you have a custom software tool requirement? Contact Us.
Custom software Plugins, Software tools developed by Krishworks for softwares like LMS, ERPs and web apps

Our Custom Plugin Software Services

Software Consultation

You may already have an existing software that needs to have enhanced plugins or you may need one from scratch, or customers may not know the possibility of existing plugins; whatever it is we understand your requirements first. The consultation is always free. 

Independent plugins development

Based on your requirements we make software tools or add-ons or software components. At times these software components can be stand alone & can function independently. Example: we recently made a software plugin that crawls websites checking its accessibility for inclusion. 

Custom Plugins for LMS

Are you using Learndash LMS? We have particularly made custom plugins for LMS that you can install as an addon to your LMS. Example: a plugin to automatically enrol learners in various courses.

Plugin Integration in a system

One doesn’t always have to build software components or plugins for their needs. At times plugins or softwares is readily available in the market. However, integrating the component with your software needs expertise. This is where we come in, we help you find the right software component & help you with its integration, thus subsequently reducing the development cost.

Updation & maintenance

Your wordpress websites many times require plugins to be installed for smooth functioning. We deploy the necessary plugins needed for your websites’ health and ensure its compatibility with updates and functionalities.  

Our Developed Plugins

Explore Our Plugins Portfolio

Email Automation Plugin

A software component or plugin that allows users to send organisation wide bulk emails to all the employees. The plugin can be connected to LMS or ERPs or used independently.

Web Crawler App Plugin

A software tool or component that crawls websites and captures real time data. It gives you the info regarding whether or not a website is accessible for the visually impaired.

User Auto Enrolment Plugin

A plugin that automatically fetches user data from an excel sheet and adds them as LMS users. This software was made for our client Serein Inc for their existing Learndash LMS.


Have Questions? We’re here to help.

Plugins are software tools or addons/ addins or software components that are added or installed to your websites or apps to enhance its capabilities. Example: adobe acrobat reader, a plugin allows you to read and manipulate document files.

Yes, we can help you develop custom software components for existing apps. However we will understand your app requirements first over a call.

Yes, consultation for all kinds of development services is free of cost.

You may write to us at with your app requirements. Alternately you may fill up the below form and our team will get in touch with you.

I Want A Call back

Yes we are aware of the Learndash LMS features. We make custom plugins for Learndash LMS to upgrade its features and enhance its performance.

Yes, we build upon and fix bugs of old apps. However we understand your requirements first.

Yes, even before we start off with any kind of development, both parties need to sign an NDA.


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